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Here is all the information about our shipping. If you happen to have any additional questions feel free to reach out to

Minimum order value for delivery is 15,00 or more (excluding delivery costs). For orders over 30,00 you will receive a free gift, and for orders over 50/75,00 delivery is on us ;) – volume depends on destination country.

UPDATE: unfortunately we canceled the free shipping option for the UK orders because of the high shipping & customs costs due to Brexit. If you need more information please contact us.

  1. COVID-19 delivery issues

Due to unpleasant events because of the Coronavirus we kindly ask you for some tolerance. We continue to be available to you, but in a slightly reduced availability. We will send parcels as soon as possible (usually in 2-3 business days). Courier service providers have also limited its services, so please note the following:

  • Due to the protection of couriers, we have further disabled COD payments
  • Delivery of parcels will be made outdoors at a safe distance of 1.5m. Couriers will not enter indoors. The recipient of the package should take the package outside.
  • Package recipients should agree with the courier about the delivery to the agreed location as often as possible. Delivery to an agreed location means that the recipient does not sign the pick up, but the courier leaves the package e.g. at the door, behind the fence, in front of the house, etc.
  • If the package cannot be delivered contactless at the address, the package will be returned immediately to the sender without the possibility of personal pick-up or re-delivery

We really kindly ask you to try to arrange the pickup by phone with the courier before delivery so that the packages will not be returned and additional costs won’t incur.

Thank you for following the guidelines and helping to ensure smooth delivery. #stayhealthy

  1. Delivery costs
Country Orders below 75,00 Orders above 75,00
All EU 10,27 (the delivery will be calculated at the checkout)* free delivery
UK 19,99 £ (the delivery will be calculated at the checkout) 19,99 £ (for every 150£ worth of products)

*Shipping costs vary from country to country. 10,27EUR is maximum shipping cost.

  1. Estimated delivery time

The delivery usually takes around 3-5 working days. In rare cases it can take a few days more. Please let us know on if you need express shipping before you place the order so we can help you with the desired shipping date.

Please note that our packages are dispatched from our warehouse in Slovenia, thus our Warehouse Team is not available on Slovenian public holidays, nor are order processed or packages dispatched on these days

  1. Delivery services

An order confirmation email is sent if the order placement is successful. The tracking number and other delivery information will be sent by the courier service provider directly to the customer.

Our courier partners do their best to deliver orders in a timely fashion. However, unforeseen delays may occur due to weather or traffic conditions. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding in such cases.