Have you ever thought about cheering up your furry pal with a papaya treat? In case you haven’t, now is a good time to give it a try and offer your pet a delicious treat.

Dried papaya dog treat is extremely tasty and chewable, which will also benefit the dog's oral hygiene and good digestion.

Have you ever wanted to offer your dog a papaya, avocado or any other fruit and weren’t sure how it would affect him? Have you ever wondered if papaya is even good for him? Put all your worries to rest. Dogs can enjoy papaya just like humans, you just have to be careful about how much your pet eats.


Benefits of papaya dog treats

Feeding your dog papaya treats in the right amount can have many benefits to his health. Papaya is a fruit that contains many useful ingredients, such as:

  • Vitamins K, C, E, A, which increase your dog's energy and strengthen the immune system
  • Calcium, magnesium, potassium minerals that have a positive effect on dog’s growth
  • High fiber content, which can prevent obesity and ensure a healthy digestion of your pet
  • Good structure or consistency makes it easier to chew


How papaya is obtained

Papaya originates from Mexico and other countries in Central and South America. It has always been known as a miracle fruit, and today it is considered an essential ingredient in the Asian culinary world. That is why India is the largest producer of papaya in the world. Did you know that it produces as much as 5.6 million papayas a year?

Papaya grows on trees in hot parts of the world, which means that it is found mostly throughout tropical and subtropical parts of the world.


Is it better to choose fresh or dried papaya?

Despite the fact that both fresh and dried papaya have many positive effects on your dog, it is necessary to distinguish between them. Each has many advantages that will benefit your pet.

Dried papaya contains little water, but it has a higher amount of sugar, which makes it tastier. Harder structure and especially the structure of papaya treats will improve your dog’s chewing abilities, which has a positive effect on his mood and teeth. Hormone of happiness is released during chewing so you can definitely brighten his day with one papaya treat.

But you need to pay attention to the amount of dried papaya. Be especially careful if your dog has problems with high sugar. In this case, fresh papaya, which contains more water and less sugar, is more suitable for him. 


Why vitamin C is good?

Most people are aware that vitamin C is crucial for survival and therefore consume it every day. We often wonder if vitamin C is equally important for our pets. All dogs produce vitamin C in their bodies, so it has been believed for quite a while that they do not need it in their diet. This was true until the study in 1942 that showed dogs had vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C deficiency is a common problem in dogs that have skin problems, suffer from fever and those that are constantly exposed to high levels of stress. Psychological stress and excessive strain are the most common causes of vitamin C deficiency. This can often be observed in hunting, racing and police dogs. 

With the right amount of vitamin C, we raise the pet’s immune system that helps him to avoid many diseases. Vitamin C will increase the number of antibodies in your dog's body that fight bacteria and viruses. This will allow him to be able to fight against many diseases.

It is also highly recommended for puppies, as it helps create collagen, which is a crucial factor in the proper growth of joints and bones. That is why the higher intake of vitamin C is also recommended for older dogs who need collagen after recovery.


Positive effect on the dog's digestive tract

Papaya contains 88% water and 11% carbohydrates (sugar and fiber). Due to the presence of fiber and sugar, papaya treats are the perfect solution for your pet’s excessive obesity.

Fiber will solve your dog’s digestive problems because it acts as a natural source to relieve stomach problems in both humans and animals. High content of fiber, minerals and vitamins will prevent your four-legged friends from bloating and flatulence.


Which dogs can eat papaya?

Papaya has a very positive effect on the healthy digestion of your dog; however, we must not forget its other characteristics. Due to the remaining positive effects, papaya is also recommended for other health problems.

It is recommended for dogs that deal with: 

  • obesity
  • allergic reactions
  • pancreatitis
  • weak immune system
  • liver/kidney disease 
  • diabetes


Recommended daily amount

Recommended daily amount of papaya treat depends on the size of the dog and his response to it. You must bear in mind that papaya should not be served as main meal. It is already included in 5% of mostly wet dog food. Papaya treat can serve as a "dessert", which will have many positive effects on his health. You can also use them to train your pet.

Each food has a different effect on the animal intestines, so first make sure that papaya does not negatively affect your dog. Also make sure that your pet is not allergic to papaya.

Try to offer him one treat and observe how his skin, digestion, immune system will react to it. Despite its positive effects, we advise you to consult a veterinarian or other specialist before feeding your animal in large quantities.


Final thought

As you can see, the papaya fruit and the papaya treat are suitable for both smaller and larger dogs. It has many positive qualities that will only contribute to your pet’s health.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article and gained a lot of important information. Now you can spoil your dog with papaya treats and don’t feel bad about it.

We are always available and we will be happy to help if you have any additional questions :)